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INTEGRITY BOOTCAMP - "Strengthening the body, mind, and soul"

Get Results

The Integrity Bootcamp was designed for men and women desiring the tough workouts and great physical results of a true “bootcamp,” without the commitment of enlisting.

Meeting Indoors and outdoors these hour long sessions meet up to 5 times a week and are sure to give you more stamina, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Men and women, 18 and up, come for all different reasons, whether it be to change up their current physical training program, shed a few unwanted pounds, lower stress levels, or even meet some new friends…but everyone leaves with results!!

Enroll for our next class and prepare to be impressed with how rapidly you transform and improve your body!
Make sure your doctor knows you’re about to embark on this intense 4-week challenge! At the end of the day, finances, time conflicts, or lack of class options shouldn’t hinder anyone from being healthy. Integrity Bootcamp is designed to teach, push, and encourage while allowing you to have fun on the way to being your absolute best! If you’re ready for a change, then bring it!

But, don’t just take my word for it. See our testimonials page and see why so many people continue to come to Integrity Bootcamp.


Resistance training – hand weights, bands, medicine balls & more
Core/abdominal conditioning
Plyometric exercises
Tire drills
Short distance running (one mile or less)
Jump rope
Circuit training
Sport drills
Obstacle courses and games
Relay races
Timed runs
And much more!

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